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Help With My Fist .22 Rimfire Pls

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Hi All

Recently I applied for a firearm licence to shoot Vermin on local farms around my area up here in North Wales. 2 months have passed and the police have done all their research and checks and have informed me that in 2 weeks I should have my firearms permit to purchase a .22 RIMFIRE and SILENCER (yahoo).:D

The gun Im going to be buying is a Anschutz 1710 Monte Carlo Bolt action and I have a few questions regarding breaking the gun in and the proper process in choosing the right ammo for this gun. I would appreciate any information that you guys could give me.

On my first outing what should I do to break the barrel in?

How would I go about finding the right ammo for the gun (total amount Im allowed to keep is 600 and purchase 500 at any one time) so I might have to buy boxes of 25 or 50 of each ammo to take with me to try out ?

At what distance should I Zero in the rifle ? hoping to shoot between 30 and 100 yards

How often and how should I clean the barrel? (I clean my shotguns every outing)

There are a lot of questions here but I am a total novice on RIMFIRES and need all the help you guys can offer me thank you for your time and no doubt about it ill be back here with pics and stories on how everything has gone.

Once again cheers :D

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Be sure to check out the hunting section. Occassionally this is overlooked, but since you are going after vermin what kind of ammo to use on what critter is often discussed. I remember there is another member in new zealand i believe who uses a silencer and there may be some good info there.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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