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I've got two rifles, a bench gun and an offhand shooter. I want to do more tinkering but can't think of any more free / cheap work to do on them.

I've done all the basics, mag releases, recoil buffers, etc. On both I have replaced the triggers and polished the internal trigger components with a dremel for smoothness of pull. Both are around 2lb and silky smooth. Both have stocks to suit each of their purposes and the bench gun has a very accurate heavy barrel. The offhand shooter has a factory barrel and I don't want to change it. I like how nice and light the barrel and the stock are and I don't want to buy another stock. Besides, I don't think I'm going to max out the accuracy of the barrel from the shoulder.

The only mod I can think of is to chop down the factory barrel to 16" from it's current 21". I'm using a reflex sight on it so I don't need a front site. I'm not sure if this would really benefit me though and I don't want to put forth that much work unless it's really going to do something for me. I'm also scared of screwing it up and making things worse.

I've started to think of these as lego sets for adults but now I can't think of anything else to do with them. Any ideas?

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The first thing I would look at is bedding. At least for the bench gun.

Bedding is critical to best accuracy and is cheap to do.


That will take you a bedding tutorial I wrote for the SuperStock Forum Tech series.

You could also try one of Skeeter's bedding kits as many people have had ver good luck with that form of bedding.
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