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The elbow pads are NOT the combat-type with hard plastic shells. Those will make your arms roll around on the grade. Just foam pads or cut the ends off socks as a tube.

I'd buy two additional mags plus your one original. Load eight rounds and keep it on you so that if something misfeeds & you need to switch mags you have the most rounds needed & available as a replacement.

Lots of drinking water and some Gatorade, drinking water only has now been show to work to deplete your minerals etc.

A shemagh is great kit for keeping sun off the neck, wiping glasses, wiping forehead & hands.

Start the Advil before the pain like about 9am on Saturday.

Take Monday off work if you can.

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Any military-type sling will work. Doesn't matter if it's leather or webbing (and the web slings are either nylon or canvas, depending on vintage). As long as you can make a loop for your support arm to fit through at the rear of the sling and the front of the sling is attached to the forward swivel on your rifle, you're good to go.

Just remember that most military slings use a 1 1/4" swivel loop, not a 1".

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Couple of other tips:
Make sure your riffle runs jam free. Fix any issues before the event

Zero your rifle at 25 yards with the ammo you intend use

Adjust your length of pull and comb height to allow for correct sight alignment. This can be done with foam pipe insulation and VetWrap

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To me, the most important thing to bring is a teachable attitude.
When I went, I promised myself beforehand that I would listen to and employ everything that was being taught.
To say that Appleseed improved my shooting would be an understatement. I nearly cleaned the first AQT that I shot on Sunday.

Best of luck, have fun, and I hope to see you in the ranks of Riflemen!
Most important thing & it's free!:D

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Good choice to sign up for an Appleseed.

My GF and I just did our first AS at the end of May. We both shot Rifleman. I will share what we learned from our preparation and experience.

Look at the forums on Project Appleseed for how to prepare. They list equipment needed. There are some excellent write ups.

Take a Teachable Attitude and keep it. No matter what happens. Keep a Teachable Attitude.

Get at least 700 rounds of an ammo that The 10/22 is known to shoot both reliably and consistently. Then sight in your rifle with that ammo at 25 meters. Take at least 500 rounds to the AS.

Know your rifle well. If you don't get an auto bolt release installed prior to the shoot, know exactly how to manipulate the bolt release. Know the tricks to getting a magazine to insert easily with your trigger hand. Push on the magazine release slightly so that the magazine inserts easily. Practice your magazine changes so you can do them quickly and consistently with just your trigger hand from seated and prone positions.

Practice quickly and safely transitioning from standing to seated and prone positions with your rifle. Standing is easy. Slow prone is easy. The transition under time can be difficult.

Get some carpet scraps for your shooting pad. I cut carpet scraps to the dimensions of popular shooting mats. For each of us, I used two carpet scraps and a cheap yoga mat between the carpet. These worked better than the most expensive mats. Don't spend the money on a pad yet. Cheap soft elbow pads were needed by my GF as she was working her rifle bolt aggressively. I didn't need them with my carpet set up.

If you need to, sit out a AQT or exercise. The weekend can be tiring and cause pain. Take breaks as needed. My GF did that and then shot 211 on her AQT. Take your breaks during your standing phase of AQT. I took a break every 2 shots and my group size shrank considerably. You have plenty of time in standing and slow prone. Take advantage of that time.

Enjoy your AS. You will learn a lot. You will have fun. You will meet some great people.

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To stay within your restrictions, here's what I'd recommended.

Pick up the GI sling sold at the Appleseed store.
It's infinitely adjustable to fit " You" and is cheap. Take a black sharpie with you so once you've found your perfect adjustments for sitting and prone you can mark it and then quickly re-adjust it between stages.
You will not have lot of time to mess with them on Sunday once you get roiling on the AQT's. (I use two of them already pre-set).

The sling set up is critcal.

Bring two mags and color one of them on the lip with a red shapie to let you know it's the one with 2 rounds in it.
I have a third spare mag in case one of them malfunctions. That way you can just dump it an continue on.
I lay them out in order on my mat. You will not have to glue them together.

Get an extended mag release. The rapid fire stages will make or break your attempt for a rifleman score. You'll need to dump the empty mag quickly.

Either purchase (cheap) or modify your bolt realese to allow you to just pull back on the bolt to chamber the round.

I have a great soft mat, but if you don't, then get some soft elbow pads. Raw elbows will kill your weekend.

If you want to splurge, get some Tech Sights. Better sights can easily make or break your weekend.

Practice getting into each of your rapid fire positions with your rifle and sling.
Set a timer and practice dropping and loading your mag and getting on target.
The two rapid fire stages are where the wheels fall off for 90% of the shooters.

The marksmanship is not that tough. It's all about your preparation and your proficiency with the two rapid fire stages.


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Will definitely make a post under appleseed after. And i do plan to get more mags. And thanks to everyone else who replied. You all have been very helpful.

So two new things:
First apparently my sling is not a web sling. I ve looked at some local slings. Some are marked web sling. The one that intersts me the most is not marked web sling but looks the same. Ive looked online for a definition but cant find one. So please excuse my ignorance but what defininds a sling as a web sling? I dont want to buy ine that is not.

Second finding ellbow pads local was harding than i thought any suggestions?
This is what a web sling preferred by Appleseed looks like. Can be ordered from Tech Sights or you might possibly pick one up in a Army surplus store.

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