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Will definitely make a post under appleseed after. And i do plan to get more mags. And thanks to everyone else who replied. You all have been very helpful.

So two new things:
First apparently my sling is not a web sling. I ve looked at some local slings. Some are marked web sling. The one that intersts me the most is not marked web sling but looks the same. Ive looked online for a definition but cant find one. So please excuse my ignorance but what defininds a sling as a web sling? I dont want to buy ine that is not.

Second finding ellbow pads local was harding than i thought any suggestions?
This is what a web sling preferred by Appleseed looks like. Can be ordered from Tech Sights or you might possibly pick one up in a Army surplus store.

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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