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Help From Match Talk

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Hello Match Talk, I am new to RFC and I am seeking guidance.
The club I belong to has a strong CMP high power program and we have just expanded with a monthly RF 22LR only belly match. We reference Mini Palma/F-T/R and run 3 strings of 15 shots for record on 800, 900 and 1000 yard reduced target at the 100 yard line. Our first match this past weekend was a success with 22 participants and we had to turn a bunch away as we had limited time slot for just two relays.

I am reaching out to Match Talk to find out if we can register our matches with an organization like CMP, NRA, etc so that we can provide our competitors official classifications?

We run two classes with the following sub-categories;

Rifle - Palma, Service, Any
F-Class - Target and Open

I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Best regards,
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That's a tough question. I'd call the NRA/CMP etc. and ask them. The reduced targets are going to be of high priority to classification cards? Sounds like you have a real winner match for interest? How did you get so many shooters to turn out?? Have fun.
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