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Looking to purchase a Buckmark, but selection around here is slim. Went to half-a-dozen shops, and handled a couple, but not the ones I'm interested in.

I handled the 5.5 slab side barrel, and felt it was a little too nose-heavy. I am planning on a mini-red-dot (like the RMR style), but I dont think the weight of the sight will offset the barrel weight.

The 2 options I'm looking at are either the Micro Slab Side, or the 5.5" "Lite" model.

The Micro is heavier than the Lite, 32 oz vs 28 oz, but suffers a 1-1/2" shorter sight radius. However, sight radius is not a huge issue if I am running a red dot.

Price wise, the Micro is going to run about $500, with the Lite being about $625

I just don't know how these will handle / balance, since I cannot hold them prior to ordering.


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I like the looks of the lite better but that's purely personal choice. I don't think the difference in balance would be noticeable by most shooters with either choice.

Get the one one that sings to you 馃


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Quick follow up. Picked up the Lite today. I am very pleased with it. The gun has a decent heft to it, that it feels like a quality pistol. The front end does not feel like it is being pulled out of my hands like the slab-sided 5.5" barrel did. Ballance feels perfect. Just enough weight to keep stable, but not feel like it is being pulled anywhere.

Trigger is VERY nice on mine, a little heavy, but nice and crisp. I think it will clean up with use. If not, a TK flat trigger and gearbox will be ordered.

The only 2 issues I have are the safety and mag release. Mag release seems a bit small and hard to press with the current grips, but I have an extended one from TK on the way. Safety is a bit stiff, but all the other examples I handled were about the same.

Overall, I'm glad I ponied up the extra clams for the Lite.

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I think you made a good choice.
Browning makes so many different models of the Buck Mark that very few gun shops will carry all the models.
The Buck Mark is a good design with the easily removable barrel, open chamber area design and known reliability. That pistol will last a lifetime if taken care of.

Congratulations and Safe shooting,
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