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Hello from new member living in New Zealand

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Hello and thank you for letting me join this forum

I have a Brno 581 which is amazing accurate but would like to some how reduce trigger release pressure...

Wood Plant Art Flooring Religious item

Air gun Gun accessory Bicycle part Wood Shotgun

Audio equipment Wood Gas Drill Machine

Camera accessory Wood Machine Engineering Tool

and in the last week just secured this very old lady Brno Mod 1 ( 1952) that has interesting proof stampings and has such a beautiful smooth bolt action and crisp trigger release.

Automotive tire Tread Automotive design Rim Vehicle

Air gun Trigger Shotgun Gas Gun accessory

Plant Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Road surface

Automotive tire Bicycle part Motor vehicle Bumper Rim

Natural material Gas Composite material Rim Cylinder

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Reed instrument

I look forward to learning more about these amazing files and hope in somevway to contribute in return.
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Welcome from ND. Nice rifles! I have that same marking, not English made, on a Winchester Model 74. I assumed it was imported to England and stamped there.
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