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Thumbs up on the Henry...

I bought a Henry 001 a few years ago and i really enjoyed it. the action worked as smooth as wet ice, and was very accurate out of the box with CCI HP's. i had bought it as a companion for a Heritage .22 revolver to fill out my longing for some cowboy guns. I liked the Henry cause it was light and could carry it all day and not get worn out.

I did take it apart once & got it back together ok, its not too hard, and im not very competent. probably wouldnt take it apart too much, maybe every 2 years or so. i really recommend cleaning the barrel with a bore snake instead of a rod for muzzle integrity.

I have since picked up a ruger single six and a marlin 39A as my "cowboy guns" and have given the Henry and the Heritage to my dad for him to enjoy. I must admit, there are times i really miss that henry, but am glad my dad has a quality gun to enjoy from time to time.

The only thing with the henry is that the reciever can get scratched and show the aluminum through, for that, i got one of those Birchwood/Casey black paint pens to cover it up. Dont worry about the plastic barrel band, it'll last a really long time, and the wood is always wonderful. Oh, and by the way, if you can, save up for a while to get the Large Loop Lever, those things look so cool!!!!!!

I am thinking of selling one of my guns and picking up the Henry Golden Boy in LR or Magnum, the Henrys are quality guns made by a quality company. Good luck and good shooting! -Eric

PS. if you like to get a old west outfit, the Heritage revolvers are pretty cool, i had the birds head handle model, it fit great! i wish i could put one on my ruger. but, the heritages' go for about $120-$200 depending on the model and maybe under $100 if you find one used at a gun show!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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