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Heading for SD

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I'm getting ready to head out for a week long PD shoot with Sheila Link (Women & Guns) and Vicki Gardner (Alpen Outdoors) with the possibility of OLN tagging along doing some filming. If anyone has any questions in the meantime, send me a PM. I'll check back in on my return around June 1st, with a report. We will be using the .17HMR's, .204 and .223. Not 1, 22 magnum rifle will be used or allowed. No second thoughts there. Clean kills with accurate shooting is the order of the day and lobbing shots at the PD's is a waste of time, ammo and money. Won't be crawling around stalking them either. Too many snakes. Hope you all have fun with the 17HMR vs 22 Magnum thread.
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Dont forget your Camera ;)

Good luck on your PD Shoot. :t
Heck,Ted take a notary along and a tape recorder... ;)

You may be mentioned as "witness" in ANOTHER bogus 17HMR '"review" :D

Have fun!!!! :t
Thank You. Good Idea and I'll be sure to have the camera with me.
You mean you get to go hunting with 2 ladies, and have the possiblity of being on OLN. Sounds like a tough week :D , your a lucky man. Good luck with the trip.

brad541thb said:
Are you taking mag-check with ya? :D

Then you could see the "ballisitc wonder" in action! :D :D :D

sorry mag-check, I could not help myself...
Sounds like an extra tough week... :shakehead

Just remember to make your bed every morning, keep the bathroom clean, use the utensils at the table, don't talk with your mouth full, and ladies first!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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