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Happy belated 10/22 day

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I didn't look everywhere but noticed no one bringinger it up. There were some deals to be had. I almost picked up an extra Ruger hammer forged target barrel for $83 shipped from Ruger but I haven't used the one I got a couple years ago yet.
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I had no idea that Ruger sold those as parts.


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came looking to see if anybody is starting a new project with parts they picked up during the 10/22 day sale

I hear you with the unused barrels I've got a couple of the SS Target barrels still in the box from a few years ago (that I've been meaning to send off to Randy for his taper job)

I bought one of the Samson B-TM folding stocks last year, and it's still in the box...I have picked up a couple more parts for the build (handguard, BugBuster, sling and swivels) but that's about as far as I've gotten with it

needless to say, didn't get anything during the sale this year...must be I'm getting old, and slowing down :eek:
huh , never even occurred to me but thanks for pointing it out - kinda cool
I had thought about Randy but I had mine cut to 16.25 and threaded.
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