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Hamilton Rifle Moldel 15

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Hello, need help with Hamilton Model 15. Someone who has a working model 15, I need info how the firing pin when pulled back, how the firing pin spring is compressed. The model 15 I have, you remove the takedown screw to detach the butt stock. On the bottom of the receiver behind the trigger there is a tab with a hole in it. Holding the rear of receiver use your thumb to put a little pressure on the firing pin pull knob. With a pick or pliers pull out the tab. This will allow you to pull out the firing pin assembly out. My assembly has the firing pin, goes thru the end plug with trigger attached, then a coil spring and then a part that firing pin goes thru and attaches to the firing pin somehow. I believe this part compresses the firing pin spring. This part maybe broken on mine and something may have broken off and missing. If you do not want to remove the firing pin assembly, could you take a picture of bottom side of the receiver with the lever open and cocking the firing pin. This might show enough of what if anything broke off. Thank you in advance, I cannot find any info on this. John
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I believe I solved the problem, the firing pin guide is crimped onto the firing pin. I am going to Tig weld a minute bead in front of the guide to prevent it from moving forward, this will compressed the spring when firing pin is pulled rearward. John
Hope you are able to save it, the bolts in these are not designed to be taken apart. When they break or present a problem, 9 times out of 10 you will have to find a replacement bolt.

hamilton parts pop up on ebay every so often.
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