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Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire - just a reminder . . .

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Wal-Mart is already taking orders for this book by Jim House. Cost is $17 dollars, saving $11 off cover price. Estimated arrival: September 28, about five more weeks.

Just an FYI.
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Olypenn22 - I don't know. Here is the link I found this information and posted on.


I personally thought you could order this at the store at customer relations - didn't have a chance to go yesterday (wife's motorcycle had a flat that needed servicing).

I'll look at Barnes & Noble / Hastings as well - thought the book would be released the third week of September across the board. Think the price is outstanding. :t

FWIW, I received my 2006 Gun Digest yesterday - wow has it changed! :mad:
Both, I think . . .

Google and find out to make sure. I would certainly think so, as this same author wrote an article in The Backwoodsman (July / August) issue which compared the .17 and .22 Magnum cartridges.
yes, its the same author . . .

Jim House wrote two books on American air rifles, one on pneumatics, the other on C02 operation.
I would like to read that John Lachuck book on .22 rifles as well. I distinctly remember reading a few articles by him on .22 rifles (he was a big contributor in that area) but at the time, I was young, dumb and had my eye on 'big deer rifles' - kinda ignored the .22s back then.

Very stupid of me - I kept a few of the .22 rimfire specific magazines / books from mid 80's on, and a couple of books on small game hunting written way back when (Dalrymple, Tinsley, etc). I wouldn't mind finding the Lachuck books at all - willing to buy a copy, if it is still in decent shape.

I'm hoping the House book is better than the Wayne Van Zanderwoll (sp?) book that came out last year. Just a little too much 'fluff' in it, at least to me.

Really shouldn't complain though - .22 Rimfire is finally getting some recognition!
Agreed - Snake45 hit another bullseye (you are on a roll dude :t ) - this site has tons of great information at your disposal.
Thanks Crete

I'll put in a bid and hope for the best. I don't do Ebay very much though (only once, as a matter of fact), as I've had a few friends get burned by sellers. But for this price - its worth a shot.

Thanks again.
Forgot to add above:

I tried to go to Wal-Mart and order directly at Customer Relations desk, but it was a no go - got to do it here on the net. Just in case anybody else was going to do that also - down here was a 'negatory, good buddy'.
Its' today - its today!

According to the Krause publishing site, this book by Jim House should be out for publication today. Just a reminder, in case you are interested.

No - my name isn't Jim House, and I receive no money at all for mentioning this. :p
No, I didn't win the bid . . .

I done forgot to even try to do it - got caught up in things and didn't remember at all. :(

Oh well - just more stuff to look for. :angel:

Are you trying to make me cry? :p
I think the prohibition was only on Guns & Ammo, but I may be mistaken.
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