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Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire - just a reminder . . .

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Wal-Mart is already taking orders for this book by Jim House. Cost is $17 dollars, saving $11 off cover price. Estimated arrival: September 28, about five more weeks.

Just an FYI.
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j.r. guerra in s. texas said:
FWIW, I received my 2006 Gun Digest yesterday - wow has it changed! :mad:
Does that mean it DOESN'T have some kind of a Ruger on the cover?
recumbent said:
I meant the 2006 Gun Digest.

As to the .22 book, is this written by the same guy who did the writeups on all the Walmart-grade airguns for that now-defunct airgun magazine a couple years ago?
Yeah, that one. More Rugers on the cover. Surprise. That makes, what, like 30 years in a row now? Wonder what the dealio is there?
recumbent said:
I would say it involves payola........
A friend who is an "industry insider" confirms your suspicions. He called it a "paid advertorial."

Makes me wonder what else inside GD has been bought and paid for.

GD used to be an excellent publication, and I eagerly looked forward to it each year. Now, I'll read it if the local library gets it, or if I can buy last year's edition at a gun show for $5 or less. How sad.
I remember being distinctly less than impressed with his articles in that airgun magazine, but I don't recall if I was disappointed in his writing or in what he was writing about (Walmart-grade plastic BB guns, C02 plinkers, and the like). I think I shall wait to see the .22 book "in the flesh" before deciding whether it's worth the price.

I still think one of the best .22 books ever written was the old Guns & Ammo special by John Lachuck that appeared around 1972. I'll bet I could read that again today (for the umpteenth time) and still learn something new!
AFAIC, the world's best "book" on .22s is right here, and you're reading it.

Thousands of years of combined knowledge, updated on a daily basis.

Just as one example, no test on the Rhineland R22 has appeared in print anywhere yet, but there have been online reviews of it available right here for months, including recommended ammo, magazines, and fixes for a couple minor early issues. What book can hold a candle to that? :D
That's not the Lachuck book I was talking about. Mine was published by Guns & Ammo magazine in 1972 or thereabouts. But I'm sure this is a good book too, Lachuck for a long time was "da man" on all things .22 and DBI was still publishing good stuff back in those days, not like now.
Crete said:
EDIT to add: There is another .22 rimfire book issued in 1993 by Lachuk and Guns and Ammo. It is available here (among other gun-related magazines). It is called The Complete Book of .22 Rimfire: http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-5-American-...goryZ378QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
I have that one too. It is a pale shadow of the 1972 classic.
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