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Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire - just a reminder . . .

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Wal-Mart is already taking orders for this book by Jim House. Cost is $17 dollars, saving $11 off cover price. Estimated arrival: September 28, about five more weeks.

Just an FYI.
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j.r. guerra in s. texas said:
I'll put in a bid and hope for the best. I don't do Ebay very much though (only once, as a matter of fact), as I've had a few friends get burned by sellers. But for this price - its worth a shot.

Thanks again.
WELL did you win the bid????? :D Mac :t
Snake45 said:
I have that one too. It is a pale shadow of the 1972 classic.
Does anyone know for sure that there's two books...a 72 and 78 version? Mac :t
j.r., I think it sold for 9.99 :( I would have snapped it up for that!

Crete, still working on the photo's. Hope you're doing well! You have to get snake to fill you in on that title. Mac :t
Not really ;) , but it made me sick when I saw the link and it was already sold...for that price :sad: . It's like gettin sucker punched in the gut! :mad: Mac
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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