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Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire - just a reminder . . .

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Wal-Mart is already taking orders for this book by Jim House. Cost is $17 dollars, saving $11 off cover price. Estimated arrival: September 28, about five more weeks.

Just an FYI.
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J.r. Do you mean at the store or on the Walmart website?, Don't want to miss out on this, Thanks Olypenn22
Olypenn22 - I don't know. Here is the link I found this information and posted on.


I personally thought you could order this at the store at customer relations - didn't have a chance to go yesterday (wife's motorcycle had a flat that needed servicing).

I'll look at Barnes & Noble / Hastings as well - thought the book would be released the third week of September across the board. Think the price is outstanding. :t

FWIW, I received my 2006 Gun Digest yesterday - wow has it changed! :mad:
Amazon shows this book too for those who do not want to buy from Walmart.

Both, I think . . .

Google and find out to make sure. I would certainly think so, as this same author wrote an article in The Backwoodsman (July / August) issue which compared the .17 and .22 Magnum cartridges.
Does a manager have to escort you out the door with it?
No, but the cash register will ask you whether it's for a pistol or a rifle...:D
j.r. guerra in s. texas said:
FWIW, I received my 2006 Gun Digest yesterday - wow has it changed! :mad:
Does that mean it DOESN'T have some kind of a Ruger on the cover?

Snake45 said:
Does that mean it DOESN'T have some kind of a Ruger on the cover?
recumbent said:
I meant the 2006 Gun Digest.

As to the .22 book, is this written by the same guy who did the writeups on all the Walmart-grade airguns for that now-defunct airgun magazine a couple years ago?
Yeah, that one. More Rugers on the cover. Surprise. That makes, what, like 30 years in a row now? Wonder what the dealio is there?
I would say it involves payola........
recumbent said:
I would say it involves payola........
A friend who is an "industry insider" confirms your suspicions. He called it a "paid advertorial."

Makes me wonder what else inside GD has been bought and paid for.

GD used to be an excellent publication, and I eagerly looked forward to it each year. Now, I'll read it if the local library gets it, or if I can buy last year's edition at a gun show for $5 or less. How sad.
yes, its the same author . . .

Jim House wrote two books on American air rifles, one on pneumatics, the other on C02 operation.
I remember being distinctly less than impressed with his articles in that airgun magazine, but I don't recall if I was disappointed in his writing or in what he was writing about (Walmart-grade plastic BB guns, C02 plinkers, and the like). I think I shall wait to see the .22 book "in the flesh" before deciding whether it's worth the price.

I still think one of the best .22 books ever written was the old Guns & Ammo special by John Lachuck that appeared around 1972. I'll bet I could read that again today (for the umpteenth time) and still learn something new!
I would like to read that John Lachuck book on .22 rifles as well. I distinctly remember reading a few articles by him on .22 rifles (he was a big contributor in that area) but at the time, I was young, dumb and had my eye on 'big deer rifles' - kinda ignored the .22s back then.

Very stupid of me - I kept a few of the .22 rimfire specific magazines / books from mid 80's on, and a couple of books on small game hunting written way back when (Dalrymple, Tinsley, etc). I wouldn't mind finding the Lachuck books at all - willing to buy a copy, if it is still in decent shape.

I'm hoping the House book is better than the Wayne Van Zanderwoll (sp?) book that came out last year. Just a little too much 'fluff' in it, at least to me.

Really shouldn't complain though - .22 Rimfire is finally getting some recognition!
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