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Rim Thickness Gages

I have two of them, one made by Neil Jones, and the other by Bald Eagle.
The one by Neil Jones costs about $44, and Bill Gebhardt's (Bald Eagle) costs somewhere around $70 to $80. The Bald Eagle one uses a dial indicator and captures the complete rim, whereas the Jones one uses a sliding tapered bar to go over the rim and could miss a high spot. I also like the Bald Eagle one because I can operate it faster.
Both advertise in Precision Shooting Magazine, and Bald Eagle advertises in Rifle, Handloader, and Shooting Times as I remember.
Neil Jones is somewhere near Erie, Pa. His address used to be Sagertown, but he may have moved. Bald Eagle is in Lock Haven, Pa., on Allison Street.
I recommend one as I feel they take one more variable out of the equation; one less flyer.
I just shot my sporter today and got some fairly good groups just weighing. Tomorrow I'll do the rims before the match at the Soo this Sunday in Michigan's Northern Peninsula.
Take care,
Don Buckbee
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