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Just when you think you've got more than enough, another one catches your eye. I've added these three since the fall. I've had a few T-Bolts in the past and loved them. Wish I still had them. The new one is a 17hmr Target/Varmint with a Weaver 4-16 x 42 scope and it shoots great. Much more capable than I am. Great cartridge! The Buckmark rifle is used for plate shooting at the range (with a Bushnell red dot scope) and for targets I put the Leupold 3-9 EFR Rimfire scope back on. It's a lot of fun to shoot. The Camper target is just for plinking. I added the pistol grips to match the rifle, and have since added Williams fire sights. It's also nice that the magazines fit them both.
Here are a few pictures.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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