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green mountain stinger barrel

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well i shot my green mountain stinger barrel today at 50 and 100yrds. at first at 50 it would group about an inch with 2 or 3 flyers out of ten shots about 1to2 inches out.then after about 150rnds it started putting ten shot groups in about a 1/2 inch group w/a flyer every 30rnds or so.but no wild flyers like when i started.some of them were in another county.after about 200rnds it would put all of them in a 1/2 to 3/4 inch group consistantly at 50yrds.know 100 is another story. 2inch groups were common i shot one ten shot group that almost went into about 1-1/2. all in all its a decent shooter.its no target gun but if youve ever shot stingers youd know the are not exactly a tack driving round.so the groups i was shootin w/em is pretty good.my gun is a 2000 10/22 w/gm 20inch blued fluted stinger barrel,butler creek varmint stock tasco 2.5-10 varmint/tactical mil-dot scope, the receiver has a rear lug.all enternals are polished,the bolt face is trued and headspace reduced to .043 and thats all i have to say about that.later Bently