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I recently bought a new 10/22 and the first 500 rounds or so with no mods jammed two to four times with every magazine, although it did get better as I shot it it still jammed a lot more than i would have liked. The time for mods came...polished hammer face, bolt, firing pin, and lightly polished the inside of the reciever, I also ground down the little "hook" on the bolt lock to make it auto, and I put in a Dakotan bolt buffer and Volquartsen exact edge exractor, also serviced the magazine (alot) and the gun hasn't jammed yet in well over 100 round's!

I just wanted to thank you guys for great advice, and give Dakotan/Volquartsen posative feedback for great products!

I also wanted to ask what is a good scope that is not just junk (like some I have seen) for under $75.00 for hunting/plinking.
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