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I made a Walther 2000 look-alike (and sorta missed, but it was a valiant effort) for my ultimate .22. Walnut stock, butler creek barrel and did my own metal work for the barrel protector at the front and top. Barrel is freefloated it's entire length. The steel "guide bar" on top mimicks the walther, but in all reality serves a greater purpose in protecting the barrel from getting accidentally bumped. The aluminum receiver on 10/22's isn't strong enough to survive a hard hit to the barrel which could bend it. The scope is a Russian PPO 6x40. Love it! The recticle is better than mildot and conducive to holdovers for windage and elevation. I'll try and attach the photos of my project here...I'm new to the RFC, so we'll see how this goes

Accuracy = about .4" at 50yrds. Could do better with some different ammo. Was using Remington's Peter's LRN ammo. This rifle is excellent for benchrest (notice flat parallel bottom of stock and grip and the forend. Receiver is dual-pillar bedded. I attached a second bedding point to the receiver on the back. The wooden projection behind the triggerguard holds said pillar. I used this rifle to mop up over 150 belding ground squirrels last summer in central Oregon! I could nail them at up to 130 yards, after which the bullet drop was too much and a slight breeze complicated things. Enjoy my photos! Well...forget my photos. Rules say only certain attachment formats allowed, however posting rules say you CANNOT post attachments. Too confusing to sort out. Forget it, lol...
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