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How many of you guys use grease for the bolt slide? If not, do you use oil of any kind?

Im putting together a .22, and I want to know if I should leave it all dry, or oil up the inside of the receiver in the grooves. or use some sort of grease. What say you?

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Use dry lube such as Remmington dry lube. Use spareingly. Dont use it or anything else in the trigger assembly.

The dry lube idea is good, however I've had better results with Coastal (brand) Industrial Molly EP Greese, available at auto parts stores. You apply a small amount to the inside top and back side of the receiver and hand function the bolt a few hundred times. This causes the Molybdenum Disulfide to plate itself on the contacting parts. When you feel the smoothness stop and disassemble the receiver and clean out any excess lube. One treatment should last a l o n g time!!!
I use Shooter's Solutions stuff on all my actions. If I ever think one needs something, all I use is a dry lube - and very, very little of it. Any oil or grease just seems to attract the residue and makes it more of a chore to clean.
I'm going to agree with MARKBO,

I use dry lube, such as the remington stuff. When firing lots of rounds any type of wet lube seems to atract the burned powder and gums up the action a lot faster. Then it really becomes a hassle to clean because you have to clean EVERYTHING!! I say use some dry lube, it will save you some time in the cleaning process, and you can shoot more rounds between cleanings because all the parts are not getting gummed up as fast. :D
Dry lube is the hot ticket, oil or grease does retain any dirt or debrie that comes in contact with it. That is the advantage of dry lube.

Dave Z.
Another reason to use dry lube is that for those of us that live where it gets cold in the winter, using any grease or heavy oil can cause the gun not to cycle. Using grease in the summer is fine other then attracting and holding dirt, which was already mentioned. I use the dry lube year round. Works the best for me.
Mike :)
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