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got me a 10/22!

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got my second 10/22 (sold my first sporter). I woke up this morning after rolling over and bumping into a box. I opened my eyes and there layed a ruger box. I immedietly poped it open and there was a 10/22 carbine. Trigger is heavy but smooth. I went to mount a scope but the scope I bought last week is bent so I am taking it back to exchange it. I have an extra mag from a previous 10/22 and will be picking up a few more. I will be mounting a 1.5-4.5x32 mm bushnell banner scope on it providing the losers at bass pro exchange it. I will eventually have a trigger job done to it, add some sling swivels (what do you suggest is a good sling setup for a 10/22?) I am thinking of another in the near future to put open sights on, and maybe a folding stock. I was going to use open sights on this one with iron sighter mounts but the weaver base prevents more from seeing the open sights. Can't wait to get out and shoot it! :Blasting_ :Blasting_

It's great having great parents! :D :D
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went and shot it yesterday. shot nickle sized groups at 25 yards. I got a 3-9x40 bushnell banner instead of the shotgun scope. I'm dropping it off for a trigger job later.

.22 shooter said:
It's great having great parents!
That's great! And a fine example, too!
Congratulations on the new rifle. I am sure your parents are getting enjoyment just knowing how much fun you will have with it for years to come. I enjoy seeing my son shoot the .50 muzzle loader my wife and I gave him several years ago for Christmas.

Enjoy it and them.

Got a buddy who is a lisenced gunsmith. so took it down to him and he did a trigger job for me while I waited. I asked him hat I owed him and he replied "bring me some catfish next time you come" He likes eatin fish and wild game so I usually bring him somethin. can't beat a nice trigger job for a couple fish. trigger weighed 12 lbs when started and leveled off around 3 first try, it's smooth as glass. I told him that was good enough as i'd be huntin with it and you don't want too light of a trigger when your huntin'. going shooting tommorow to re sight with the new scope and trigger job. Can't wait.
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