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MarlinMan said:
Yes, I do.Look in the .17HMR forum and see my 200 yard group.I think it's on page 2.
Yea......I looked that is some nice shooting.......off a pod and bag......very nice ! I was shooting at 200 this morning.........FUN STUFF !

My groups were about 2 1/2" today at 200 with the v-max, worst with the XTP . Better at 100 with the XTP than the V-Max ......1" today.

At 200 my groups were drifting right 2-3", I don't think it was wind. What do you think ? I am right on center at 100 and 1.7" high for a 150 zero.

Right handed.........maybe the trigger pull ?

Anyways..........I am having a great time with the .17 hummer really like it and at 200 it's about as fun as shooting a center fire at 300.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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