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Good group or not?

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I am shooting a 77/22 lr topped with a Bushnell 4-12x40. The gun has a varmint barrell. The only modification is a trigger job. Bench shooting. I have tried just about every hollow point bullet I could find. I was very disappointed with just about all of them except the Federal American eagles hv. They had the most consistent point of impact and nearly 0 flyers. 7 out of 8 groups I could cover with a penny at 45 yds. Is this decent? I dont know how to measure groups, so I use a penny as judgement. And has anyone had any problems with american eagles?
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I would say it was decent. I used my electronic calipers on a penny and got .750, so if you subtract your bullet diameter of .224, you would get .526ctc or less on those 7 groups. Was these groups you shot 3 or 5 shot groups? That's make a big difference as well. Your groups aren't spectacular, but they aren't bad either.

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