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Golden Boy front sight?

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My uncle passed away recently and I inherited all his guns. One of them was a Henry Golden boy in 22LR. I'm aware that the receiver is not brass, but the front sight appears to have a brass bead? The sight is kind of dull and wanted to polish it up with some brass polish. I just wanted to confirm that it is indeed brass before polishing?
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Welcome to RFC!
Sorry to hear about your uncle passing.
That front bead is brass to my knowledge, and polishing it wont be a problem for you.
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Welcome to the forum! Sad to hear about your uncle. Yes, that bead is, indeed, brass and can be polished. I have a couple of Golden Boys myself and my old eyes can't see the brass very well so I painted my front beads with Fluorescent yellow paint...much easier to see now!
I ended up getting Henry's fiber optic hiviz sights. Now I can actually shoot the thing. I miss the days when I could clearly see the brass bead.
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