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GM Barrel owners please respond

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Hello All,
I am considering the purchase of a Green Mountain barrel for my 10/22 and have several questions. I am looking at the 18" SS fluted .920 GM Barrel and would like to know how much less it weighs than Ruger's hammer forged barrel? How much did the Green Mountain Barrel improve your accuracy (I am looking for 25 and 50 yd group sizes)? Do Green Mountain barrels have failure to eject issues when new and if so what did you do to fix them?
Did you have to modify the barrel in any way to get it to fit in the action? I am planning on ordering one this Friday from Whiteface Mountain and would appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.
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>>How much did the Green Mountain Barrel improve your accuracy (I am looking for 25 and 50 yd group sizes)?<<

Mine shoots uner 1/2" @ 25yards easily with Fed Bulk pack, and these are notorious for lack of accuracy and flyers. Average would be around .360-.400. Never better then .300, and never more then .500. Others I am sure have results with just about any ammo you can buy. I just bought 4 different brands/types to test this week...

>>Do Green Mountain barrels have failure to eject issues when new and if so what did you do to fix them?<<

Depending on the shape of the bullet, some will not eject while others will. I guess it all has to do with which ones dig into the rifling more. This is assuming you are talking about unfired rounds. For rounds that are fired, I have not had any not eject. Mine is new.

>>Did you have to modify the barrel in any way to get it to fit in the action? <<

No. No modifications were necessary on mine. Some people I believe, had a hard time getting the barrel to seat and resorted to heating and cooling to get the job done. I've had none of these problems, but I can say that the fit was VERY tight and snug. All I did was clean the hole really well, and worked it in slowly. The last 1/16" before it was seated was a little tougher, but with a little pressure it seated and nothing else was needed.

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Ironchef just about covered all your questions well.

Mine will shoot one hole groups with Wolf MT at 25yds and less than .5 at fifty. These are not frivolous claims. Check my scores on the Match forum. I have posted 250s at 25yds and high 230s to low 240s at 50yds.
Of course there are other modifications to the rifle than just the GM barrel, bedding, head spacing and trigger work among other things plays a part in the overall accuracy of a rifle.
The barrel does play an important part and will make a difference in your group sizes with ammo it "likes".

I say go with the GM, you won't be sorry. JL

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The target below was a ten shot group at 25 yards with my GM 16" SS Fluted & Remington sub-sonic ammo… fired in about 30 second. I have done better but did not keep the targets.

There is no way to compare it to my factory barrel, it is much more accurate.

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This group is representative of what I get out of my 18" SS Fluted GM barrel. Dynapoints and Velocitor at 50yds. I have done better and worse, but that day I had a camera handy. Other mods I did were VQ TG200, Bell and Carlson Anschutz Stock, VQ Extractor, Weaver GS 6-20X40 Scope. Your mileage may vary with your mods.

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My 10/22 with 18" gm barrel is about the same as the others said...but i get worse 50 yd groups due to shooter error, and the fact that i have not shot too many types of ammo from 50 yds. At 25 yds. i shoot sub dime groups...mine likes the remington subs also! And at 50 yds. i can cover the 10 shot group of velocitors with a quarter easily. Also likes minimags... Most of the shooting i did with it was to break in the chamber of the barrel...if you try to eject an unshot cartridge, you may have problems with a new barrel due to the fact that the bullet may be shoved into the rifling a little creating a tighter fit.

I need a KIDD trigger!

BTW, i have posted what i have done to my gun here:
My gun...
I just did a similar swap,

ruger hammer forged barrel to 16.5" gm fluted.

id say if you want to lose any noticeable weight go wiht the 16.5" barrel. mine handles alittle difrent now and feels alittle lighter.

shoots way better too. 60yrd groups are small 30yd grps are smaller.

well its maybe marginaly better acuracy than rugers .920 barrel, cause it shot very well to
Pretty durn good, none of you'ins missed that dime by vary much! I'd be proud as my mule in the mornin too.
Got a 18" GM barrel on mine, shoots under 1/2" at 50 yards and under 1/4" at 25 yards all the time. Don't know how the carbine barrel shot, never used it!

As far as Failure to eject, never has been an issue on my gun. Some say if you do have a problem that a VQ "Exact Edge" extractor is the ticket, they only run about 10 bucks.

Good luck, hope the advise is helpful.

Dave Z.
Thanks for the information and pics. That was exactly what I was looking for. I am ordering the GM barrel today and will let you know how it shoots as soon as I get it.
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