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GM .17 Aguila / PMC / HS 10-22 bbls

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Hi all,

Thought I'd drop a quick note to give an update on 10-22 .17 cal barrels. It's pretty well known that we decided not to make 10-22 barrels in 17 HM2. Well, now the other shoe has dropped. I've dropped the .17 Aguila from the 10-22 line as well. No fault to the Aguila, or .17 PMC as SAAMI specs call it, the problem is that .17 HM2 will function through the 10-22's magazine and into the PMC chamber. The 10-22 will fire out of battery and the results in my rifle were a blown extractor and loss of plunger & spring, jammed magazine and lots of little schrapnel. Even with a properly marked barrel with a big warning label, somebody will shoot the HM2 in the PMC and then have their attorney crawl up my backside. I know it's wimpy but this is how it is. We will be expanding the offerings in 77 & 96 styles in HM2 for those shooters that can use them.

Rick Sanborn
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