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GM .17 Aguila / PMC / HS 10-22 bbls

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Hi all,

Thought I'd drop a quick note to give an update on 10-22 .17 cal barrels. It's pretty well known that we decided not to make 10-22 barrels in 17 HM2. Well, now the other shoe has dropped. I've dropped the .17 Aguila from the 10-22 line as well. No fault to the Aguila, or .17 PMC as SAAMI specs call it, the problem is that .17 HM2 will function through the 10-22's magazine and into the PMC chamber. The 10-22 will fire out of battery and the results in my rifle were a blown extractor and loss of plunger & spring, jammed magazine and lots of little schrapnel. Even with a properly marked barrel with a big warning label, somebody will shoot the HM2 in the PMC and then have their attorney crawl up my backside. I know it's wimpy but this is how it is. We will be expanding the offerings in 77 & 96 styles in HM2 for those shooters that can use them.

Rick Sanborn
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Thanks for the update, Rick :t

It is a shame that lawyers are the ones that will determine what we can and cannot buy. It's the way of the world, now. We have to have warnings that coffee is hot and do not use a hairdryer in the bathtub :rolleyes: Way of the world. :(

You keep on truckin', though, we love the GM barrels. :D

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Rick, I'll agree with Wolf. It is a shame that we've entered the age of litigation.

Still you offer great products, well priced and good looking.

Now, if you could just see your way clear to do up a batch of bolt action barrels for the Marlins or Savages! (hint hint hint)

And, again echoing Wolf, thank you for the update.
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