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Gill gun Saturday

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Just received this Ranger 101.22 (87M) today thanks to a 2 am GunBroker catch... Figured I'd post a couple of pics of it along with my Savage 6S since I had it out of the safe to compare the two. The Ranger is such a neat little rifle... some little dings and scratches but I'm glad it has all it's parts intact! Number 82 under the butt plate. 馃槑馃嵒

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Since I bought it to keep I don't mind sharing... The Buy It Now price was $175 & couldn't hit that button fast enough! Definitely was one of those "right place at the right time" deals. Sometimes working night shift has it's perks I guess 馃榿
Wow! That's a helluva steal.

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WOW! Thats the nicest 87M I've ever seen. Original or refinished. But 175.00? Someone didn't know what they had. Enjoy it!
Thanks guys, I had to do a quick check as soon as I saw it... Both barrel bands, original rear sight, heck for that price I really didn't care if it had a couple of minor issues! But she feeds, fires & cycles HV ammo like a champ. Currently holding down a spot beside my Garand in the safe & looks right at home! 馃槑馃嵒

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I'm actually a bit jealous. I've always wanted but never found one. Now with the new command here in NY state you need a permit to buy any semi auto long gun. NO THANK YOU. I 'll continue buying other action types but no more semis. So even If I saw it I couldn't have bought it. BUT I,m happy to see a RFC member getting it. Like I said. ENJOY IT!

Please no political comments on my statement of the new command. Just saying why no more semis in my future.
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