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Getting there, Classic

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So far: Trigger is polished, tuned, and pull weight reduced.
Got it tape bedded.
Roll pinned the firing pin.
Over size trigger housing pins.
Recoil buffer.
Simmons Whitetail Expedition AO 4-12 scope.
Made a leather cheek pad riser.
Made a leather sling.
Sight dovetail filler.
Bought the pins, springs, stainless firing pin and ejector from Moonduck.
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Sounds like a fun project. I did something very similar to my Deluxe Sporter.

The tape bedding combined with the bike tube under barrel, and playing with the torque setting of the takedown screw definitely improved accuracy.

Interested in seeing your leather work. I still haven’t settled on a cheek rest.

Pictures, we need pictures!😁
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