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Geissele 2 stage in m4

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Dropped one in the Tippman

holding the trigger back and cycling the bolt will hold the bolt back. Dropping rear take down pin will release the bolt.

many suggestions?

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I put a GS-2 in mine and love it. Nice, clean break and very predictable.
Did you try thcheck?
Cycle bolt show clear

Pull trigger and hold back

cycle charging handle

everything works except the check above

Range test: no go on Geissele
I had the same problem with a SSA-E trigger. It's a clearance issue but never messed with it to get it to run. I have since installed a Hyperfire PDI trigger and have been very happy with it.
I am having similarish issues with a LaRue 2S. Could you be a little more descriptive on what you are experiencing with the bolt?
Feed fires bolt locks back on trigger. Have to disassemble.
No rounds bolt foreword. Drop hammer hold trigger back, pull bolt back. Bolt jams on trigger.

put oem trigger back in now works!! Too bad. I think I have a ELF in the tool box to try next
1 - 8 of 8 Posts