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Gatewood Stock Arrived In Half!!!

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After waiting two months for my UDI Rosewood Offhand Gatewood 10/22 stock to arrive, I come home today to find a box has been delivered by the USPS with the return address of Claude Gatewood. Yippie!! I've been doing all the other typical mods in the meantime, trying to keep busy until the stock arrives.

I open the box and find the stock broken in half!!! Just above the three finger groves it has become splinters. After taking a month to figure out which stock I want, the stock comes ruined. The two pieces look beautiul, I just wish it was still in one piece!

How do you all think this should be handled? I paid $185 for this stock, plus shipping. Don't even mention gluing it - that is out of the question.
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First of all let me say that stock makers are human too!!:D

Claude posted 2-3 weeks ago that he was going to be shut down for a while because he was moving his shop. If he is in the middle of a move he may not have ph or email service yet. I suggest just being patient. I know Claude, and while he is a competitor in business he is still a fine person.

Mikey T
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