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Gatewood Stock Arrived In Half!!!

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After waiting two months for my UDI Rosewood Offhand Gatewood 10/22 stock to arrive, I come home today to find a box has been delivered by the USPS with the return address of Claude Gatewood. Yippie!! I've been doing all the other typical mods in the meantime, trying to keep busy until the stock arrives.

I open the box and find the stock broken in half!!! Just above the three finger groves it has become splinters. After taking a month to figure out which stock I want, the stock comes ruined. The two pieces look beautiul, I just wish it was still in one piece!

How do you all think this should be handled? I paid $185 for this stock, plus shipping. Don't even mention gluing it - that is out of the question.
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Sorry, forgot to add that. The outside of the box has a "Delivery Confirmation" sticker with a bar code, but nothing designating that it was insured.
Hopefully there was some insurance on it.
There isn't. On the reciept sent with the broken stock the shipping I was charged was $30.00. The postage tag on the box shows the shipping paid by the sender to be $9.98. I'm wondering where the other $20.02 went. It obviously didn't go to insurance. If that is the "handling" charge, it is way too high.
I've sent an email and left a message on CGWs machine. I'll inform as to how it turns out.
Claude has been contacted and the broken stock has been sent back to him. I'll admit that I lost my cool when posting the previous posts. It was not to take business away from CGW. I was ranting and I took it too far. Further communication will be handled privately.

Thanks for setting me straight everyone.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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