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Gatewood Stock Arrived In Half!!!

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After waiting two months for my UDI Rosewood Offhand Gatewood 10/22 stock to arrive, I come home today to find a box has been delivered by the USPS with the return address of Claude Gatewood. Yippie!! I've been doing all the other typical mods in the meantime, trying to keep busy until the stock arrives.

I open the box and find the stock broken in half!!! Just above the three finger groves it has become splinters. After taking a month to figure out which stock I want, the stock comes ruined. The two pieces look beautiul, I just wish it was still in one piece!

How do you all think this should be handled? I paid $185 for this stock, plus shipping. Don't even mention gluing it - that is out of the question.
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Wow.....I thought I had made it clear in my email a few days ago to you to ship it back to me, I'd make it right....I'll still make it right even tho' I'm a bit steamed about the posting. I happened to be playing with the computer at the time it came in. "thanks for the prompt reply" I believe you said.

A serious thanks to those who stated the obvious and the kind words , oh, and the custom boxes (odd sized) are only 2.35 each if I get 50 at a time, the peanuts are only 35.00 a 30 gallon bag, and yes I have insurance on all those stocks I ship. FedEx charges 11.00 a week whether or not I ship, yours went via postal as I had missed the FedEx truck that day and didnt want to wait. Now of course thats costing me.

You didnt post you lived in Hawaii. I'm sure the ground apes crushed it. Like I said in the email, send it back in the box I shipped to you, I'll need that to process my claim.
shop phone as always is 440-230-4867.

And I'd like to say in eight years, I've never had a stock break before. I cant imagine what it took to snap that at the wrist, and in laminate no less.

Just for the record, I've donated time and money to various members on this forum, one a 13 year old home schooled lad who is quite a decent kid. After talking with his dad I did free trigger work, bedding, and repaired HIS stock, it came in mangled and I did what I could. He shipped it in a gun case but it was disasembled and each part beat the other parts up- his deluxe stock took some serious hits. Not my fault, but I still stepped to the plate as they say.
Thanks for your patience.
I am moving my shop when they are done building the new one in three or four weeks, moving my residence again in the last three years (bigger and better-thanks to all those who've bought stocks from me so I can afford a nicer home) AND the other things in life that tend to interfere with email, please try the phone, if I dont call back, call me again and yell at me! :) I will make it right time and time again.

Although I have a better idea, you keep the stock and I'll send a refund check. I'll second day it on Monday.
best regards, Claude Gatewood
p.s. thanks for letting me rant folks, its unlikely I'll visit back here for a month or so, but my phone works and the new address and phone will be posted on my website as soon as I know what the phone # will be:t
God Bless our troops
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I told hebegebees (sp?) about the update.
They said the box wasnt damaged enough to warrant insurance replacement.
I emailed and told him as soon as possible I'll ship a new one.
the moral of the story is...if you recieved damaged goods from anyone, set the box on fire and put it out with a hammer, otherwise you wont believe the argument you'll get, and this applies to FedEx, UPS, RPS and USPS
Still have one going to Scotland- that was supposed to take 7 weeks, its been 8......
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