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Bullberry & TC experiences


First let me say that companies go through problems in manufacturing. Second, both Bullberry and TC stand behind their products, in my experience.

I had a TC 44 barrel that was so rough that it looked like it had been rifled with a rat-tail file. After shooting cast bullets at low velocities, I would clean a 12" strip of lead out of the barrel. TC replaced it.

I had a TC frame from a bad manufacturing run. The frame actually stretched. TC replaced it.

I have five Bullberry barrels, sweet shooters all. They are 17 CCM, 17 short Hornet, 17 AH, 17 Mach IV & 17 HMR.

I have at least that many TC barrels, sweet shooters all.

A close friend got a 17 Mach IV barrel from Bullberry. He exchanged that barrel four times. Every one was a lemon. Fred gave my friend his money back and they swore not to do business again. But, Fred refunded the money after making a heck of an effort to produce a good barrel.

I just got a TC 17 HM2 barrel and it shoots a half inch or smaller while sitting on a 20 year old frame.

Well, there is a summary of thirty years experience in the Contender world. Now, you still have to make the decision about where to spend your money. ;) Obviously I think that everyone needs a 17 Cal Contender in their arsenal. :D Actually, I think they need two, a pistol and a carbine.


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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