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FWIW, my pawner 60 w/ a pic

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yea all,
my first model 60 1989 ( a pawner )and hopefully not the last, but this baby, after a good scrubbing is functioning so well, i will keep it, lol, a truck gun, but did a lot of work to make it this way, did the stock, rit dyed it, etc, took it for a ride, scoped a bsa sweet 17 and they work at 25 yds. will try a higher x scope next time. great shooters at 25 so far, 17 rounds and can be covered with a "big" quarter. that trigger sucks and will have to do some work on that soon. think i have a shooter.

nothing fancy, but my first one, can we see pics of yours, whatever they are.
a little grooving on the pistol stock area, some sanding, took me a whole day and a half. lol, rem, a trucker to be kept in the rig.