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fun with the p22........................

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no not shooting fun, dissasembly fun ehhhe.......not.

took this thing apart to radias the disconnect ears, not too bad getting it apart...

done the dremel work, hope i took enuff off i do not want to take it apart again.

proceeded to put it back together, it go a little cranky with me, and most everything that had a spring, hook, pin, started to come apart in my hand, i would fix one thing then then something else would come out, lol

the little two springs that are in the plastic piece on top of the trigger shot across the room literaly with the velocity of a 22 short. the hit the wall luckly and i found both......

put those back in.

couldnt get the sear and trigger disconect mated. fumbled with those for about ten min. then the hammer and springs fell out lol.

walked away, needed a beer.

got my beer, and drank it.

smoked one of the wifies cigs. and i dont smoke.

came back at the problems.

put the hammer back, hopefully right.

fumbled with the sear and trigger bar. got that in, dont know how, must have been the beer, but got it in.

took brake cleaner and degreased it all.

noticed that the little safety switch that uses the special key came out, oh well it aint going back heh.

lubed it all with rem oil with teflon, closest thing to teflon i have atm.

put the top to the bottom and put the pins back and took it out to shoot it, gee i hope it works.....


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Very good, now go get a Ruger MK series, if you can break it down and reassemble, you're an expert. :t 1911M
lol i have a 22/45 and its no problem to break down, i can take it apart and put it together in 30 sec.
You're an expert then and the P-22 should give you no more challenge. The Ruger is the test of a real man/woman. :p 1911M
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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