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Fun offhand challenge

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I posted this game elsewhere but it gained no traction, then I thought my fellow silhouette shooters might enjoy it.
One day a couple friends were over for some plinking fun. We had some golf balls set out at about 50yds, with an 8" gong about 15ft behind them. The object is to hit the golf ball low of center to get it to chip up and strike the gong. It is very challenging, but also a lot of fun. A ball hit just low of center will travel quite a ways and its fun to watch them fly whether they hit the gong or not. The next time we play we are going to up the size of the target though so it's a little easier, maybe a trash can lid... any ideas to modify this game would be appreciated. So let's all give it a try and let me know if you had fun... bet you do.
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Well I guess I was wrong... this isn't as much fun as I thought it was.I ☹
Might gain a little traction as the weather warms up, my outdoor range closes for the winter. I'm still a member at the range in my hometown that is open all year, but it's 100 miles away, so I have to be going there for another reason too.

Other than that, it's indoor at 25 yds for me. I do like shooting golf balls.
Sounds like fun, how reusable are the golf balls? I think it would be unique / interesting to see if you just used regular chickens and put a lot of paint on the gong and make some range art. Could still work with the balls.
The golf balls can be shot many times, if you can find them... they can carry quite a ways
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