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I know that most users (all??) who use GM or Clerke barrels on their 10/22s use optics. I, however, wish to use an aperture rear sight with a post up front. Does anyone know anything about installing a front sight on a blank barrel? I assume the .920 bull-barrels would have enough meat to cut a dovetail into the top top of the barrel, but what about the sporter barrels?
I've never had any machining done, so I have no idea of what a shop would charge for such a service. Any ideas?

I suppose a front post could be "sweat" on?
(I saw that term in a catalog description, and I gather it means soldering)

My 10/22 is brand new and I only shot about 80 rounds through it. As such, I suppose the stock barrel (WalyWorld 22" ss) is not yet "conditioned", broken-in, whatever. It sports a Williams peep and the current front sight is a Firesight bead that is not too precise at 50 yards. (Covers a lot of the target!) I was getting about a 2 1/2" group at 50 yards on my first outing.
I expected better, for my Air rifles (Beeman R-9 and BSA Supersport) do MUCH better than that with peeps at 50 yards.

I am also considering a setback and crown by CPC, instead of an after-market barrel.

Any advice on the best route to get the most accurate setup using a peep sight will be most appreciated. GRACIAS!

Mono (monkey)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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