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Front Rest Decision

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I am looking at these two

Sinclair Heavy Varmint AP Windage Right-Hand





Is the Sinclair worth that much more ?

And if I could.....have opinions on both of them if you own either one.

Both are more than I want to spend and I probably don't need that good of one, but would like it to be the last one I buy in my lifetime and have something good to pass on to my Son;)

Thank You


P.S. If I put this in the wrong section U Mod er Raders can move it if you want:bthumb:
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Jeff Miller, that Caldwell will do just fine. I shot for the first 4 years with one. Get a bag of lead shot from the reloader store and after you have it set, put the bag over the front two legs. It will help bring the weight up to make it much more stable.

There is also a thread running here in this sub forum if it has not been mentioned yet, that is a tune up guide for that rest. Several things that will make it even better. I have shot as high as a 231 in an official match off one of those twice in sporter class USBR. So the rest is up to the task.... The comments about the right bags are directly to point. The front bag in the rest being quite critical. And YOUR comfort at the back end is also quite critical to shooting well.

Enjoy, that rest will last a very long time.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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