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Front Rest Decision

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I am looking at these two

Sinclair Heavy Varmint AP Windage Right-Hand





Is the Sinclair worth that much more ?

And if I could.....have opinions on both of them if you own either one.

Both are more than I want to spend and I probably don't need that good of one, but would like it to be the last one I buy in my lifetime and have something good to pass on to my Son;)

Thank You


P.S. If I put this in the wrong section U Mod er Raders can move it if you want:bthumb:
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That's a nice enough rest. You'll do fine with it. There's a thread here where someone tweaked some things on his. Real good ideas that you might want to try. The thing is heavy, which is good.

As for bags, depends on what rifle you're using. But the protecktor bags are nice. As you progress, you will probably end up trying other stuff that costs more, but you did fine.

Good luck

I'll agree with the recommendations of Dan GreenLaw's products. Very nice. And a great guy. Had one of his windage tops. Worked like a charm. Mounted it on a Rock BR bottom, and that baby was stable. But, wasn't a fan of the course threads on the Caldwell's vertical adjustment. So, moved the Greenlaw top over to a Cowan base. Not as heavy as the Caldwell, but the vertical shaft was finer threaded. Liked that better.

For the money, any of these options are great IMO.

Have moved up the food chain a little for myself. Now use a Randolph. Now that's a rest! But again, a bit more than what these rests cost.

The rest is really only one part of the equation anyway. The rear bag is important. And how you set everything up. And then the bench you shoot from. That's where you'll find out how important stability really is.

Again, just my opinion.

I have to say, after using Kenny's Randolph rest, I am completely spoiled!!! I have a Sinclair Lightweight and it always seemed to serve me just fine... until I used that dang Randolph! I'm going to swallow hard real soon and buy a Randolph. Pay once, cry once.

Thanks, Kenny! :D

Ha, no need to thank me! My goal in life is to see other people experience joy. Or something like that:confused:

Have you shot your new gun yet? Been wondering when the first clean from its new owner would magically appear here on RFC...just sayin....no need to keep us lowly ******** waiting...

Let me know when you're ready to order the rest. I'd like to discuss the top "situation" when you order...Might have an even better option for you...

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