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Front Rest Decision

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I am looking at these two

Sinclair Heavy Varmint AP Windage Right-Hand





Is the Sinclair worth that much more ?

And if I could.....have opinions on both of them if you own either one.

Both are more than I want to spend and I probably don't need that good of one, but would like it to be the last one I buy in my lifetime and have something good to pass on to my Son;)

Thank You


P.S. If I put this in the wrong section U Mod er Raders can move it if you want:bthumb:
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I am very pleased with my Bald Eagle and feel its added price is well worth it over the Caldwell Rock BR.
I think I like the Bald Eagle design, too. It looks like a lot of rest for the money. I know if I had to choose between the two for competition purposes, I'd definitely want the BE. For more casual work, I am sure the Caldwell will be great and a huge improvement over sandbags. Having to reach forward to make windage corrections gets old pretty quickly.
The only downside I've come across with this rest is that the cable for windage has a tendency to need to be braced for a "slack free" feeling for windage. Usually when you turn the knob, the cable moves with in the direction of your turning for a brief moment and then the cable twists inside of the insulation. I always have an metal ammo box or a sandbag resting on the cable so that it's always braced and everything is fluid.

The slack experienced from that is no more than the slack in the windage adjustment of the Rock BR. I think it's easier to set something on the cable to fix the issue than modifying the Rock BR to be a tighter fitting rest, but I can see how someone could call it inconvenient.
Me too.
I think one has to spend a great deal more money to get a better rest.
My original, made by Gebby before he sold the business, is smoother and more precise than the new ones but I gave $250 for it over twenty years ago.
If I had my first choice for a front rest, I would be buying DR Greenlaw. He is a bit pricier than the Bald Eagle, but I would think that if the shooter needs more than a hobbyist level of precision, he would be the most frugal option.

1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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