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Free Pole Topper: Turn your 5/8 Rod Scope Stand into an Offhand Rest

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Free Topper to whoever has a 5/8-Rod Scope Stand (w/ ½ x 20 threads) to adapt the scope stand into an offhand rest.

Our 4H shooters needed an offhand rest when shooting CMP Standing position. After pricing offhand stands we looked at less-expensive alternatives. A few (or their parents) already had 5/8 rod scope stands, typically part of a Freeland scope stand but also some from other manufacturers. We found that under the red ball there are ½ x 20 threads. So a piece of 3” x 4” flatbar with nut welded on the bottom and a repurposed rubber mouse pad on the top, turned the scope stand into an offhand rest. Somewhat crude but so far as Google is concerned there is no other source for these.

After equipping all our shooters we have 5-6 of these “Toppers” left over. Free as long as they last. “I’ll take one” here and PM your shipping info.