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FP or HP

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I deer hunt with .357mag., mostly with Contender handguns or carbines. Have been using 158g JHP for years, is there any advantage to using those or a 158g JFP ? Anyone use the FP, or both. Thanks, Bob.
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I’ve shot well over fifty deer with revolvers using Hornady XTP bullets. The only “advantage” to the JFP is that it expands a little bit less. I’ve shot enough deer to compare the two. I use the XHP for the most part. Not enough difference to even mention unless you’re shooting them out of a rifle. In that case I use the FP. They penetrate a bit better and sometimes you get a pass-through with them…..not that it’s a big deal. The only deer I ever lost with a handgun was with a full power load in a 44mag. I simply made a bad shot and didn’t hit the vitals. XTP’s are a great handgun bullet.
Thanks for the reply, the hollow points work very well for me, was just curious having never used the FP.
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