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Found an M43 to go with My M44.........

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Picked up this Mossbrg M43 today. Only thing I'll have to get is a butt plate.

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Really nice rifle. Just when I thought I was only interested in Mossbergs with the plastic finger groove trigger guard you come up with this one!!!
Had to go to Vic's book when I saw your picture. Nice collection on your picture page. The other Jay............
Very not bad! Love the hefty stock. I've got the 42M, and would love to luck into a 43 to keep it company.
Best thing about Mossberg............

In my opinion, they're suprisingly simple, considering how very efficient, very accurate, and good looking rifles they are. I don't know enough to qualify as a "collector", but I've got a mod 43, 44US (w/Lyman peep), 144 LSB, and two M151mB's. The 151's are for my grandsons, and have both the S-130 peeps, and the M4D scopes. All are complete rifles except for the missing butt plate on the M43. I've got some inquiries out, and checked the usual haunts, but no luck yet.

I picked up a Ward's Western Field this past weekend which is actually a Mossberg M45A. The hood is missing on the front sight and the rear sight is missing but it has a Weaver 2.5 scope on it.

Trigger is excellent at 13 oz. Barrel had normal wear but in very good condition. I'm trying to get the original sight back on and take the scope off. This is a fun gun to shoot.
sight hood

Build your own hood. I used a scrap piece of 1/2" od steel tubing, cut to length, used a dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut the appropriate slot down one side, cold blued it, then took off for the range!:D
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