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Hi Remington fans. I just started getting back into .22 shooting again. I have a 541THB with 4-12X Leupold, a '66 commercial 513T (just purchased), and a 514 in Remingtons; as well as a few 10/22s and a Mossburg 144LSB (from my high school rifle team days). I tried the search function, but got nowhere; so I spent a lot of time last night going through old posts. I have 3 questions:
#1- how to adjust the 513T trigger
#2- what spring to use on the 514 to lighten the trigger
#3- what does the rear sight elevator look like on the 514 (missing)
Thanks for any assistance
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Welcome aboard Grinder.

As for the 513T trigger...remove the action from the stock and you will find two screws just in front of the trigger. One is for weight of pull (the front one if I remember correctly) and the one nearest the trigger is for over travel. Screw them in or out as you desire.

I might be wrong about the placement of the screws and I could have the functions turned around as it's been a while since I've had my rifle's stock off.

As far as getting a more involved trigger job, I don't have any idea as I've never been brave enough to pull the components out of the action.
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