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Here's a thought. I did this to my 17HM2 (no front lug from the factory) CZ Varmint.

Put pilars between the triger plate (on the bottom of the stock where the stock screws (2) pass through) and the bottom of the action. The action is now hard tied to the trigger plate. You can not over tighten it as the pilar is of a length that it stops the crushing of the wood when tightening. The pilars are glued in the stock so that the stock kind of hangs on the pilars. Why would you need any bedding under the receiver if the wood can not be crushed by tightening the stock screws? Is this not the classic pilar bedding in is truest form? My Varmint shoots five shot groups averaged over five groups at 50 yds off a bench inside 1/2 inch all day long when feed ammo that it likes (Eley groups half the size of Hornady and CCI with Remington spliting the difference between them--limited ammo choices for 17HM2). I should add that the barrel was free floated too.

Anyone see a problem with this approach?

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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