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I have a varmint 22 which has had the barrel lug and screw tossed in the garbage for about two years now. The gun is so much more consistent without the lug. Like you said the barrel lug pulled the barrel down. I even bedded the lug so it wouldn't pull the barrel down but it still shot inconsistent.

I pillared the one remaining action screw and glas bedded beneath the rear tang and just in front of the mag well but nothing under the barrel. I used acra gel for bedding as it is thicker and easier to control for me. This setup worked out very solid for me, even with just the one action screw.

I wanted to see how consistent the one action screw would be. So I fired one shot @25yds. Took the action out of the stock and then replaced and retorqued it. Fired another shot at the same bulls eye. Took the action again out of the stock, replaced and fired again. Repeated the above process for 5 shots. Ended up with a .55 ctc group @25yds. I was really happy that the gun would repeat that well taking it completely out of the stock. And it made me feel comfortable that the one action screw was doing it's job.

I don't bench shoot the cz anymore. I use it for hunting and small bore silhouette competition. When sighting in for silhouette the CZ's groups are darn close to the same as my anschutz at 100 meters.

I wouldn't mess with a tuner under the barrel, like a bughole tuner for example. If you want to go with a tuner I would get one that mounts on the end of the barrel, like a fudd or hoehn.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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