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I'm by far no expert, but shooting 2" to 3" groups @ 65yds sounds extremely bad for any CZ.

I just recently purchased my first - a CZ 452 American 22lr. - and after cleaning and doing nothing else, shooting Fed 510's @ 50yd, the gun would routinely shoot between .500" to .600".

I have since free floated the barrel, pillared the action, and done a trigger job on it and have shrunk the groups by 15% to 20%.

Someone should be on here to help you out, which I think you need. Toz and Recumbent are excellent w/ the CZ's and so is Sophia and GMD1950. Listen to them.

I hope you get this worked out. Sorry I could not be of any help. I do not own any synthetic stocked guns.

Craig N.
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