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So I got a BMR (my first rifle ever) and have been playing around and getting familiar with using a scope (for the first time ever). Having a lot of fun. Today, I decided to try my hand at 50yd targets at the indoor range down the road. Heard some things about Norma TAC-22 and decided I would try it. Just thought I would share.
That first shot! Whoah! Then I got “normal” lol. I did adjust the elevation a few clicks for the last two rows and that helped. Think I did ok overall. A few got away, but I’m feeling good as a beginner and am confident I can improve.
Happy shooting!!! View attachment 311049
Without reading your post, and going to the pic, first thought was shooting a rifle with a scope that had not been zeroed.
I'd keep messing around, but would look for a different ammo, even CCI SV.
Norma Tac22 is getting rave reviews, but when I bought a Bergara B14R carbon, it was by far the worst ammo tested. Now, our rifles are not the same, no need to compare.
Being new to both a rifle and a scope, you will only get better. I am pretty sure 55 yrs ago, I missed plenty of my Dad's beer cans at 7 yards with a 22LR. Keep it fun!
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